The struggle of finding the right service suppliers

Sweet words in the land of business
Ok, so you’re catching up with the news. “Employee benefits” are words that are getting more popular around the globe. You hear people talking about them online, on Social Media, at conferences, on TV or any other channel that you can imagine.
Even your recruitment team reports that more and more people are asking about them at interviews. So, employee benefits are becoming a major differentiator when talking about the financial package for recruiting. It can make the difference between receiving a YES or NO answer from the candidate. It can also make the difference in employee loyalty, simply making your employees happier, motivated and more productive. Suddenly your company is more popular on the market, attrition goes down, candidates are rushing through the door and your business flourishes. Sounds great, right?
You want all of that and you want it now!
But where do you get started? What are these employee benefits, what options do you have, what kind of benefits can you provide? Your HR department might be able to find out, asking other companies, talking to the accounting firm, reading online articles. You start to feel a bit out of control…
Next thing, you find yourself with a list of possible benefits in front of you. This is when you realize these benefits are just definitions, concepts, legislation, but in order to make it real, you need providers, suppliers, brokers, consultants. This just went to a whole new level and you start to feel panicked…
Ok, just shake it off! You really want to do this, so you remember you know someone at a big insurance company, you give him a call, set up a meeting, talk about different insurance products you might be able to offer to your employees. You come back from that meeting with even more questions and unknowns. Are those all the products available out there? Are they the only ones offering them? Are there more? Will you have to set up meetings with all of the suppliers? If there are so many insurance types, what about all the other type of benefits? How will you be able to find all these providers and where do you get the TIME to talk to all of them? It gets more and more discouraging and you start to think if it’s really worth it.
And it seems it will never end
Next day, you find some fresh energy and decide to give it one more try, focus on one type of benefit, find a list of suppliers and just power through… how hard can it be??? By the end of the week, you feel proud and comfortable because you have met enough medical insurance providers to make a decision for your employees. But then, D I S A S T E R! When you get into more details, you discover that every offer you have is different from the other one. Different coverage plans, different schemes, different payment plans. On top of that, when you ask around, you realize there is mixed feedback related to every provider… so, which solution is actually the best choice? And don’t jump into any hazy conclusion, because you will entrust those suppliers with your employee’s satisfaction!
Lots of questions storm your mind and you know what? It’s just natural… and obvious. You want the best for your employees so they are loyal & productive. But, what if… there’s a solution getting ready to be launched that might provide answers to all of these questions. What if you’ll be able to review the best options out there, check ratings & reviews, find new ideas and approaches.
Stay close because we’re preparing something for you to cope with all the struggle of providing the best employee benefits. No struggle, no hassle…


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