Networking nowadays

What do we miss the most during the pandemic?

The Community. Networking, as we knew it. Events where we could exchange thoughts with the people working in the same domain as we do. Going out with colleagues and with business partners. All of this is present now mainly online.

But we see the glass half full here, at ENSO. We wish to build new communities and to revive the old ones that existed offline.
The plan is that when we will be able to meet in person, there will be a lot of strong communities. As in groups of services providers that help one another, professionals that share their experiences, people that are constantly learning and perfecting themselves, participating at online events with valuable speakers from their area of expertise.
Why should you plan an event in this period?
Because the world did not stop spinning along with the pandemic. It just became (out of necessity) more creative. And more digitized. We are searching for ways to make our work easier, to have everything in one place, to be more organized and efficient for a balance between work and personal life.
But as the events changed from offline to online, we all know how inconvenient is to accept a call after a busy day in front of different screens. Even if we just need to take care of the upper part of our body. Not to mention how much more comfortable it would be to lay on the couch and watch a TV series after a long day at work. Or how important it is to spend your free time with your family instead.
Can an online networking event be successful?
It depends. You can say upfront that there are small chances to have a successful online networking event. Especially if you take into consideration that the number of the participants is lower if all the above are true for the majority of the people.
But, if you take ENSO’s private event, held online, on a Thursday evening, you can state the contrary. Because it was a real succes. Yes, we brag. And we also praise the participants and the providers involved (carefully chosen from our platform, of course).

The purpose of the event was to thank all the participants that we called our Innovators. Meaning those people who were with us from the beginning of ENSO – representatives of companies or B2B service providers from Cluj-Napoca.

Bob Rădulescu moderated the event in his own unique way (and we loved it!). The ones from Prăvălia helped him by preparing a Thank You bag with wine, cheese and some special sweets. And those bags arrived safe and sound thanks to the guys from Eastride.

My conclusion is that yes, you can also enjoy online a few networking hours. I would dare to say also the fact that it was even more entertaining than an offline event, where that big group of people would have been too divided into smaller groups. Let there be many more ahead! Whether online or offline.


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