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Then, we have a solution for all your struggle when dealing with a company-supplier relationship issue! Whether you’re a company in need of new suppliers and/ or cost optimization, or you’re a supplier in need of new business, you need to be here… on ENSO.

What’s ENSO and what it provides?

ENSO is the platform where businesses #meetENSOurce trusted suppliers for business’ administration & facility needs, creating a community for a more efficient interaction and smoother relationship between companies and service providers. Now let’s dig a little bit deeper into what ENSO really provides.

First, we’ll tackle the perspective of a company when dealing with existing or new potential suppliers.

Sometimes we find ourselves in the situation of searching for a new supplier or, maybe, just replacing another that can no longer meet our expectations and needs.

Have you ever imagined how it would be like not spending hours on Google anymore when searching for new suppliers? Sure, another solution would be to call a friend for recommendations, but maybe he can’t help you properly and sends you to another friend and so on… and finally you realize that you have spent a lot of time (your most precious resource) on this research and you’re not even sure if you really found the right supplier for you. As a business owner or manager, you may sometimes find yourself too busy to allocate such time for this kind of research.

The process is even more complicated when we take into consideration the recent situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Procurement processes or contracts may be delayed or cancelled in some ongoing projects, because of COVID-19. More and more contractors and suppliers are not able to carry out their contracts due to the pandemic crisis. Now… add some tight deadlines, remote work and fast-changing team dynamics. So, it’s obvious why we all NEED to react rapidly to this evolving situation.

Here comes ENSO, which allows you to:

  • engage with service providers from different industries and different levels of experience (and rates, of course)
  • find, not only, the right suppliers, but the vetted ones ?
  • access a database where you can see rated service providers, that have already been verified and qualified by other companies they’ve worked for (all in the name of transparency)
  • rate your own suppliers and compare them to others
  • survey providers or services internally (stakeholders, employees etc.) to improve quality of service or decide changes
  • connect to peer professionals from community
  • find standardized offerings to streamline providers identification, benchmarking and selection process
  • clearly articulate your business needs and make sure that your service provider understands the context and significance of each one. Yes, it is possible because we give you access to targeted and standardized requests for proposals, in order to allow a criteria-based providers selection
  • share and access a comprehensive service providers list and experiences from trusted peer professionals and organizations
  • receive support throughout the due diligence process, when expanding operations into other regions
  • manage your relationship with your suppliers, contracts, requests & invoices
  • learn and expand your procurement knowledge with data analytics.

It’s not enough anymore to simply monitor or supervise the current developments. The managers must learn to predict and make things happen for the company’s advantage, even if we’re talking about the procurement of services (which definitely cannot be neglected). This calls for nothing less than a total change of perspective: from purchasing to supply management.

That’s why ENSO was created: to be a helpful and accessible tool in your procurement and management process of your suppliers. We’re all in to simplify the processes of finding new service providers and to strength the confidence in suppliers sourcing.

Time is money but no money can return your time!

Now… let’s take a closer look from the service providers’ perspective.

As we all know, every sector and every type of business is encountering numerous challenges as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But we still have to run our businesses, right? Though we need to manage our day-to-day operations, the long-term view is crucial. And part of it is building meaningful relationships with clients, employees and business partners.

In most cases, it takes a lot of time in order to reach valuable clients, along with lots of money spent on marketing. For suppliers, winning this kind of business can be complicated, risky, costly and it might take years.

How would it be like to have the chance of making your business visible to those clients you long for? Simple, easy and cost-effective? Sounds too good to be true?

Here comes ENSO, which allows you to:

  • improve your business’ awareness
  • gain visibility to all the relevant target clients (otherwise inaccessible through conventional sales channels)
  • access to hundreds of RFPs submitted by the businesses that are actively looking for new providers
  • benchmark your status/ services/ offerings as a supplier in the market, to identify strengths and improvement areas
  • connect to other service providers and freelancers, building partnerships in order to respond to RFPs or challenging projects
  • share and learn from peers’ experience, industry trends and innovations
  • have access to data & analytics
  • assess new markets expansion possibilities (analyze the competition, market needs and gaps)

We know the services quality is still affected by some gaps and one of these gaps occur when the service provider has a perception of what the customer expects that diverges from the real expected service. This difference can be caused by a poor service identification process, the customers’ expectations and the provider perceptions of those expectations. 

Therefore, ENSO also includes:

-standardized offerings and request for proposals to streamline new business winning process – thus emphasizing the importance of a correct identification, definition and documentation of services, for instance, in a Service Catalog. (more information bring more value to the projects)

– store client information (contracts, service catalogue, contact information etc.).

– collected feedback and ratings from your clients, to improve your performance

– possibility of issuing and sending invoices directly to your clients.

Dare to jump and you’ll find out how to unfold your wings!

Last, but not least… ENSO is more than a platform, ENSO is a community! Whether you’re a Company or a Service Provider, using ENSO will allow you to create events at any time, so you can be in touch with other professionals. We’re all seeking out for human connection with businesses. Just embrace this need and relate, connect and create the events that matter to you!

#meetENSOurce is what you need to do now. Join us and let the client-supplier relationship take a step forward! We’d love to hear your feedback anytime. Send us an email at contact@enso.services

Vlad Pănuț – CPO ENSO Business Services

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