7 Online Marketing tips to help B2B service suppliers in 2021

The challenge
It’s 2021 and the B2B sector is facing lots of challenges, especially when it comes to online marketing. Obviously, almost all of the communication has migrated to the online environment. Which is good, on one hand, because it comes with a series of advantages (tracking, budget optimization etc). On the other hand, it’s not just you that went through this change, but also all the other companies (your competitors included). So, we’re witnessing a lot of “noise” in online, together with a tremendous pressure in reaching clients in the most efficient way.

Last week, we’ve had our 2nd Q&A session with a special guest: Calin Biris, one of the most visible online marketing experts in Romania, partner in Loopaa, founder and trainer of the Online Mastery course. We’ve had the chance to answer many applicable questions from the participants and the overall results of the session were so interesting that we’ve decided to share them with you.

Let’s dive into a list of 7 online marketing tips that can help B2B service suppliers in a challenging year with (still) so many unknowns, such as 2021:

1.First thing first – before setting up any online campaign, make sure you know your audience. It’s an essential step which can’t be omitted. Build a profile of your ideal customers, define what problems do they encounter and what solutions you offer. Nowadays, it’s not enough (or realistic) to say that everyone can be your target customer. Also, in order to come up with efficient online marketing campaigns, you need to discover and understand the behavior in online of your customers: what content they read, how much they spend on Social Media and on what channels, if they are part of online groups/ forums etc.

2.Use landing pages when setting up Paid Ads (whether on Social Media or Google). Be specific in your Ads because you’ll get more people on your landing page, that are interested for real in your services. Also, you’ll avoid a series of emails that have nothing to do with your activity or objectives. And NO! Don’t just send users from Ads on the homepage of your website.

3.Social Media groups can be a very efficient way to communicate with your audience. However, keep in mind that you need to empower the members of your group to start talking. Just posting your own posts will end up annoying people. Always remember that an efficient communication is bidirectional so, ask people to share content or to start a subject that maybe affects their business. Another thing is that you don’t need to focus only on Facebook or Linkedin groups. I’ve seen lots of cases where groups on Whatsapp or Telegram were really efficient.

4.In a harsh economic landscape, we often focus too much on getting new business (and we tend to overspend on Ads, for example). But we forget a very valuable asset that we can activate with less resources: our current and old customers. Constantly keep in touch with them, offer custom solutions for the problems they’re facing and be willing to help them. After the crisis, the majority will be thankful for your help and it’s likely to become your brand ambassadors. An efficient way to communicate with your current and old customers is by using email marketing. Don’t exaggerate with the number of emails, respect their intimacy, but come up with useful content and solutions. Then follow-up with another email or even a phone call. Nobody unsubscribes from useful content that might help their business.

5.Influencer marketing is not only successful in B2C, but also in B2B, when it’s done properly. We all have people that we follow on Social Media. So, it’s a matter of finding the right business influencers for your audience, that are able to steer the decisions to a business like yours. Remember that content is still KING. Set a strategy before contacting any influencer and make sure that the generated content responds to your audience’s needs.

6.Set partnerships that will get you closer to your target audience. The level of partnership can vary, from a guest post on their blog to a joint newsletter or webinar. Whatever you choose to undertake in these partnerships, make sure that, besides having the same audience, you share common values and similar objectives. Communicate transparently and set expectations from the beginning, so you have a solid base in developing a long-lasting and successful partnerships.

7.Last, but not least… in order to have efficient online marketing campaigns, test everything in advance: from the messages that you’ll use in the Ads to the colors of the CTA buttons on your landing page. A/B testing will allow you to get the best results and the lowest costs. There are lots of technical possibilities to do that, no matter what channel of communication you will use.

+ bonus idea

Try to shorten your way to the target audience. It’s the smartest approach in order to generate new business and to keep an efficient communication with your clients. Actually, this is what ENSO offers to B2B service suppliers: the possibility to reach relevant clients by showcasing your services and receiving ratings, based on the quality delivered to other clients.

Wrapping up
The thing is that the B2B marketing ideas or tips can be endless, because each year new challenges arise and the context changes. To be efficient in online marketing is a mix between being very methodical, but also creative. And for me, being creative implies boldness, while following a set of SMART business and marketing objectives.


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